Conftero 0.18 Beta

Configuration management system implementing the Hidden Master architecture and Python based configuration. Single binary, no dependencies.

Hidden Master architecture protects against whole categories of attacks, including the type of latest critical Salt vulnerabilities.

Install Webgoat 8 - Learn Web Pentesting

Learning to hack

WebGoat is a beginner friendly practice target for web penetration testing.

In this article, I'll install WebGoat 8 on Kali and Ubuntu using Java.

Cincan Digital Forensics - Install on Ubuntu

CinCan is a digital forensics toolkit.

In these short notes, I will install a development version of CinCan.

Digital Forensics with Kimmo

Your box got owned - but how?

Kimmo Linnavuo will teach CinCan digital forensics in my penetration testing course on w17 Tue. Kimmo works works as an information security specialist at Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. He has taught CinCan in HelSec, FIRST and Disobey.

Social Engineering with Riku

Riku Juurikko, the social engineer

Lies, all lies. As seen in Disobey, and tested in the field.

Riku Juurikko teaches social engineering in my penetration testing course on w16 Tue. Riku works as a senior security manager in Elisa. He also leads Elisa Cyber Community.

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