Forensic Analyses with Andrej

Get the bad guys, and help justice do its magic.

Andrej Bondarenko shows the basics of computer forensics in my Trust to Blockchain course on w18 Monday. Andjred works as the CEO of Difseco. He has extensive experience in digital forensics, and has been an expert witness in multiple court cases.

The event is open to Haaga-Helia students and staff. The presentation is in English. Limited number seats, email me from your Haaga-Helia address to reserve a place. Trust to Blockchain participants get a place automatically.

ICT Security Basics - from Trust to Blockchain - ict4hm003 2021 Spring

Learn security fundamentals to understand current trends.

Blockchains, TOR network and video conference encryption all stand on these fundamentals.

Configuration Management Systems - Palvelinten Hallinta - Spring 2021

Tux the Linux penguin

Just write what you want (idempotency). Control almost everything with one system (single source of truth). In plain text (infrastructure as code, versionable).

Control 10 computers. Or 100. Or 1000. Or control 2071 computers, like Jussi did on a previous course. Or handle 7 different operating systems and OS versions with a single master, like Matias. Course is in Finnish.

Final Lab for Linux Server Course 2021 Spring

Create a web page that shows custommers from a database. Prepare to manage your computer from Hawaii. Add a new command "netsee" to system that shows networking information. Create user accounts for five of your colleagues.

Students of my Linux Server Course used their own blank virtual machines and public Internet to solve these questions. Time limit was about five hours, with 40 min lunch break. Could you have done it?

Don't Trust That USB

Don't connect that USB stick you found! Hostile USB can take over your computer, install malware and keyloggers.

My students are developing USB attacks and defences. They have built a cheap and customizable hostile USB device on DigiSpark development board.

Read on to see how to build a hostile USB device similar to "Rubber Ducky" or "BadUSB". And how to defend against this attack.

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