Apply Salt State Every 15 Minutes

Automatically configure hundreds of computers while you sleep. To be more specific, schedule Salt state.apply to run every 15 minutes on slaves.

$ sudo salt '*' schedule.add tapply function='state.apply' minutes=15

Penetration Testing Course 2020 Autumn - Tunkeutumistestaus ict4tn027-3006

Learn to hack computers to protect your own. In the course, you will break into target computers. Excellent 5.0 out of 5 feedback (every participant gave feedback, every feedback was 5/5).

Course is in late autumn 2020. Teaching is in Finnish.

Configuration Management Systems - Palvelinten Hallinta - Autumn 2020

Tux the Linux penguin

Just write what you want (idempotency). Control almost everything with one system (single source of truth). In plain text (infrastructure as code, versionable).

Control 10 computers. Or 100. Or 1000. Or control 2071 computers, like Jussi did on a previous course. Or handle 7 different operating systems and OS versions with a single master, like Matias. Course is in Finnish.

Conftero 0.18 Beta

Configuration management system implementing the Hidden Master architecture and Python based configuration. Single binary, no dependencies.

Hidden Master architecture protects against whole categories of attacks, including the type of latest critical Salt vulnerabilities.

Install Webgoat 8 - Learn Web Pentesting

Learning to hack

WebGoat is a beginner friendly practice target for web penetration testing.

In this article, I'll install WebGoat 8 on Kali and Ubuntu using Java.

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