Penetration Testing Final Lab

Task: Break into target computers. More targets were introduced during the test.

The final lab of the pentest course was done with Kali Linux Live USB, empty computer and lab network.

Feedback was excellent 4.7 out of 5.0. Thank you! Read feedback on course and feedback on the final lab.

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MitmProxy on Kali and Xubuntu – attack and testing

MitmProxy allows you to manipulate your web traffic at will. For example, you make forms send things that are not mentioned in the user interface.

It has very simple TUI (text user interface) for easy use, and Python API tougher problems.

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Install WebGoat PenTest Learning Tool on Ubuntu – with Docker

OWASP WebGoat teaches you to break into web services. This way, you can protect your own systems better.

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Penetration Testing – Tunkeutumistestaus ict4tn027-3004 – Intensive Summer Course 2019 w21+w22 – 5 credits

We got an extra PenTest course in the summer! Learn to hack computers to protect your own.

Excellent 4.9 out of 5 feedback.

Enroll now, we start on w21 Monday 2019-05-20.

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Arvioitava laboratorioharjoitus – Linux palvelimet ict4tn021-3004 ti – alkukevät 2019 – 5 op

This is the evaluated lab exercise for Linux Server Administration course, 50% of grade. Student had a Live USB stick and an empty computer, and he could use the public Internet. No other tools were allowed. In Finnish. 

Course feedback was 4.8 out of 5, excellent. Most students gave 5 out of 5 (mode). Feedback and more feedback. Thank you!

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Fix Lost or Empty Menu on Okular, Thunderbird and Krita – sudo apt-get purge indicator-appmenu

Lost your menubar? Using Xubuntu / XFCE Desktop? Global menu applet might disable the menu inside the app, but not show it at the top of your screen either.

Fix: Just remove ‘indicator-appmenu’ package, log out and in.

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Turn a Web Page into Android App – Sell on Google Play

You can sell your web page as an app on Google Play.

This brief tutorial concentrates on the hard parts. I list the command to generate the keys, and include a ready made config.xml. You can just publish your app.

How old are you, as a dog? DogAge is an Android App built with these instructions.


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Aikataulu – Palvelinten hallinta ict4tn022 3003-ti ja 3001-to – loppukevät 2019

Just write what you want (idempotency). Control almost everything with one system (single source of truth). In plain text (infrastructure as code, versionable).

Control 10 computers. Or 100. Or 1000. Or control 2071 computers, like Jussi did on a previous course (photo). Or handle 7 different operating systems and OS versions with a single master, like Matias. Course is in Finnish.

Previous feedback for this course was excellent 4.9 out of 5.

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Monialaprojekti Infra pro4tn004-3003 – kevät 2019 – 10 op – ja pro4tf023-3001

English: Create your own project. You can take a company as client and work with students with different backgrounds if you want. Course in Finnish.

Latest course feedback was very good, 4.3 out of 5.

Tatu sent LoRa messages trough 8 floors with minimal power and built a weatherproof sensor.

Jussi, Eino and Saku automated setup for rsyslogd-ELK log analysis and dashbording.

Kirik and group recognized faces with OpenCV and machine learning. And we also had antivirus bypass, movement detection camera for Servula, login with OpenCV face recognition and open source identity management solution.

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Aikataulu – Linux palvelimet ict4tn021-3004 ti – alkukevät 2019 – 5 op

English: Learn to manage your own Linux server – in 8 weeks. Beginners welcome. Student feedback excellent 4.7 out of 5. Course is in Finnish.

Aloita nollasta. Opiskele 8 viikkoa ja hallitset omaa Linux-palvelinta.
Opintojakson suoritettuaan opiskelija:

  • Osaa hallita Linuxia palvelimena
  • Osaa tehdä tärkeimmät asetukset tärkeimmille palvelimille (Apache, OpenSSH)
  • Osaa asentaa www-ohjelmointiin sopivan alustan
  • Osaa tehdä itselleen uusia asetuksia palvelinohjelmistoihin ohjeiden avulla
  • Tietää esimerkkejä palvelintilan tarjoajista ja hinnoista sekä fyysisten palvelinten vastaavista ominaisuuksista

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