Add SSH Account for Public Key Authentication

Add SSH Account for Public Key Authentication

How to add a user for tero (me). You can securely let me log into your computer. Because public key authentication is used, knowing the public key does not allow anyone else to log into your computer.

This article is a work in progress.

© 2005 Tero Karvinen

Install and Enable SSH Server

Install and enable SSH server.

Add an Account

# adduser tero

Don’t add a password for tero, authentication will use ssh public key only.

Add Authorized SSH Public Key

# cd /home/tero/
# mkdir .ssh/
# wget
# cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys
# chmod -R og-rwx .ssh/
# chown -R tero:tero .ssh/

Well done, now tero should be able to log in.

For any real use, ask for my secure public key.

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