Firetero – Iptables Firewall for Workstation or Server

Firetero – Iptables Firewall for Workstation or Server

Firetero is a firewall for a single computer. Default setup works for any workstation. For a server, sample configuration is available for most common daemons.


  • Easy to use: default configuration allows all client programs (browse web, send email…) but denies access to your computer from the Internet
  • Uses iptables syntax: no new language to learn, leverage your existing skills
  • Example configuration for
    • Servers: Web, SSH
    • Traffic shaping (initial support)
  • Uses standard /etc/init.d script and keeps configuration in standard place /etc/firetero
  • Code is troughoutly commented, easy to read and verify.
  • Creates human readable firewall (for example, ‘iptables -L’ output is readable)

Firetero is based on Karvinen 2003-2006: “Firewall for Single Host with Iptables”.


Future Ideas and Plans

Packaging for Ubuntu. Graphical user interface for opening server holes. Testing in different networks and distributions.

This is what firetero-gui could look like. This is just a mockup, such graphical user interface does not yet exist.

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