Linux Basics Exam 2008-03-11

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Linux Basics Exam 2008-03-11

This is the exam of Linux Basics dat8tf063-8 on early spring of 2008.

There is about 3 hours of time. Aikaa on noin 3 tuntia.

Finnish under 2 hours to get extra points.

Rules briefly

Forbidden: Two-way communication, any items not specifically allowed, speaking without permission, looking others monitors

Allowed: Browsing public web, using search engines

Free software definition

What is Free software?

Are these examples of software free or non-free? Why? Google Earth, Firefox, Microsoft Word, Writer.

(Based on the definition by Free Software Foundation)

Write short answer in plain text and leave it on screen.


Your company has 7 employees: Maija Mehilänen, Pekka Hurme, Muhamad Muhamad, Håkan Petersson, Jim Jones, Einari Vähäkäähkä, CEO Eija Väntäri.

Create a sample homepage for each of them on your local web server

Leave all homepages open on tabs after the exam.

Remote access

All users want to access the computer remotely from various countries. Make it possible for users to access the system remotely. Write brief instructions how users can remotely login to this system (command line) and transfer files (command line or gui). Users are using a Linux system on their own computers. Do tests on your computer that show these services working.

After the exam, leave on your screen the instructions for remote access. Also leave on screen examples of remote file transfer and remote command line working.


Leave feedback – very important for me. What was good, what should be improved? Where are you going to use Linux skills after the course?

The End – Loppu

Verify that you have

  • Returned hard drive (and saw that it was marked returned)
  • All required documents and tests open on your screen
  • Your name and student number is on the documents
  • Your screen is unlocked and your saver will not lock screen
  • You have left feedback
  • You have your ID with you

Thanks for the course!

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