Student project demos

Haaga-Helia students demonstrate projects. Add short description and link to your project as a comment.

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Free Realtime Web Analytics published

What’s faster than Google Analytics? SnowFinch is real time. Graph updates in less than 1 s (yes, one second) when a user loads a page. SnowFinch has already followed for months. Also Joao’s employer, Kisko Labs, is taking SnowFinch … Continue reading

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Vagrant promises to automate virtual machine creation

Vagrant promises to automate creation of VirtualBox virtual machines. Vagrant automatically adds ssh access, software and port forwarding. But is Vagrant ready for prime time yet? My students Tuomas Aaltonen, Toni Honkanen and Jesse Lindroos decided to try it out. … Continue reading

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Brian’s better fotball robot

Brian Jepson created an improved version of the fotball robot I made with Kimmo Karvinen. Will this be the year of 3D printing? Brian is going to print robot chassis, and you can get a copy of his plans at … Continue reading

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