Alpha Release of Dependicer – Create Ubuntu DEB metapackages

Automatically install software to your whole network with Dependicer. This is an alpha release.


$ ./dependicer dependicer-packages.dpd

To create your own packages, modify dependicer-packages.dpd. This creates four metapackages:

# Multiple metapackages for dependicer
# package:      dependency1, dependency2...
dependicer-coding:   nano emacs git bzr
dependicer-graphics: inkscape, gimp
dependicer-server: apache2
dependicer-workstation:      teros-coding, teros-drawing, dependicer-server


$ tar -xvf dependicer*.tar.gz
$ sudo apt-get -y install equivs



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3 Responses to Alpha Release of Dependicer – Create Ubuntu DEB metapackages

  1. Martti Niemi says:

    Muuten mainio, mutta voisiko ohjelman seuraava versio luoda konfigurointi templaten jollakin parametrillä? Olisi kätevää jos template ei kulkisi erillisenä tiedostona.

  2. Antti Kumpulainen says:

    Laitetaan nyt tänne sit se target exits bugi :D hirvee bugi kyl toi typo..

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