Meego Day – a Brief Report

Meego Day in Haaga-Helia, (estimated) 250 students filled the auditorium. Experts from Nokia and Accenture lectured for three hours and gave two hours of technical workshops. It’s a bit much to cover, but here are some highlights.
Meego is a Linux distribution for mobile phones. It’s made by Nokia and Intel.

Which Hardware Runs Meego?

Currently, January 2011, it’s good for testing. Here is a list of devices that were demonstrated in the workshops:

  • Nokia n900: Meego boots, if you are lucky. No power management support, so can’t be used as a phone. For updated status of what works, see n900 QA reports.
  • Samsung n10 netbook: a good choice for using it.
  • Asus Eee PC (not sure which model): also a good choice
  • Beagle Board, a 200 EUR prototyping board, with a digital display connector – good for testing

Meego can also run inside Ubuntu Linux using Meego SDK and QEMU. See also Device support in Meego wiki.
Slides for “Participating in Open Source Projects”, Ville Ilvonen / Nokia.
Tommi Rantala’s (Accenture) presentation used these slides:–_meego_conf_2010.pdf
Update: Slides, text cleanup. 2: More slides.

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