Download StackOverflow – XML dump under CC-by-sa license (torrent link)

StackOverflow is the leading programmers question and answer site. Now you can legally download their whole database as XML.
Download StackOverflow database dump (4.9 GB 7z torrent, contains all StackExchange sites until Dec 2011)
StackOverlow blog links to Clear-bits (in the blue button that says clear-bits). According to the blog, the dump is licensed with CC-by-sa 3.0 with quite specific requirements for attribution.
The dump is only useful when uploaded to a database. If you just want to quickly play with the data, try the SQL interface or read the regular web site.
Want more downloads? See other open licensed content on ClearBits.
Briefly in Finnish: Lataa StackOverflow:n kaikki kysymykset ja vastaukset XML-muodossa.

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