Kyy 0.2 Beta – Python Cheatsheet in Code

Kyy is Tero’s Python Cheatsheet in Code. Kyy shows you how to program the most common things in Python. Each concept is shown as a separate, stand alone program. This is the obvious stuff I don’t want to search for when I’m coding.

  • Hello world (UTF-8 scandic letters, main(), sys.exit)
  • Parsing command line arguments (argparse, globbing)
  • Regular expressions (sub, match, pgrep, string to list)
  • File manipulation (read file by line, slurp, with, write a file)
  • Directories (mkdir -p, recursion, os.walk)
  • Exception handling (try-except, raise, errno)
  • Network (sniffer in five lines)

Kyy – Tero’s Python Cheatsheet in Code.
Kyy is 0.2 beta. The examples are in funny order and there are no unit tests. Edit: split preview, added image

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