Aikataulu – Palvelinten hallinta ict4tn022-2 – 5 op, uusi OPS – loppukevät 2017 p2

Hallitse palvelimiasi Pupetilla. Pupettia käyttävät esimerkiksi Google, Mozilla ja Wikipedia. Sillä on toteutettu myös US Government Security Baseline hallinnon Linux ja Windows -tietokoneisiin.

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Aikataulu – Linuxin keskitetty hallinta – ict4tn011-11 – loppukevät 2017 p2

Hallitse palvelimiasi ja työasemiasi Pupetilla. Kuvaile tavoitetila, ja anna Pupetin tehdä tarvittavat säädöt ja asetukset. Pupettia käyttävät mm. Google, Mozilla ja Wikipedia. USA:n valtio suojaa Windows- ja Linux-työasemansa Pupetilla (US Government Security Baseline).

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Internet of Things presentations today

Students of the Internet of Things workshop and their prototypes: Internet of window blinds, GSR lie detector, amusement park queue estimator (2), remote visitor counter, weather lamp, take your pills, cool down gamer, two way door monitor, tomato watchman, body … Continue reading

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Send Email with HTTP API – curl, ctrl-X E and Sendgrid API

Use interactive console and HTTP requests to access APIs. Here is an example of automatic mail sending with SendGrid and curl.

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Create Internet of Things for 8 EUR – ESP8266-12E and Arduino

Would you like to create devices that sense the environment, connect to the Internet and talk to the other side of the world? For just 8 EUR, you can get a WLAN enabled, Arduino compatible development board. Sometimes the price … Continue reading

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Using Web APIs with Python – Read Weather Forecast and Send to Your Own IoT Device

Do you want get weather forecast, BitCoin vs EUR valuation and know your power consumption? A lot of data is available on free APIs. Your program can just make a regular HTTP GET request – it’s just like loading a … Continue reading

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Subscribe mailing list to learn robots, gadgets, IoT and Free software. Get offers for books and tools. Design and build your first robot in a week? Make things talk over the Internet? has material for our five … Continue reading

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Photos from IoT Workshop in the University of Lappland

Photos from IoT-workshop in the University of Lapland. I run the workshop with Kimmo Karvinen. Update: Photos by Kimmo Karvinen.

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India Will Launch Finland's First Satellite Aalto-1

Aalto-1, the first satellite of Finland, will be launched in an Indian rocket (article in Finnish). This was a surprise, as it was originally going to be on a SpaceX rocket. I prototyped Aalto-1 sun sensor in a project with … Continue reading

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Arvioitava laboratorioharjoitus – Linux palvelimet ict4tn021-3 (uusi OPS) alkukeväällä 2017 p1

Tervetuloa, olet nyt KurssiKuru Oy:n tietohallintopäällikkö – ja tietohallinto-osasto. Asentaisitko aluksi tarvitsemamme järjestelmät? Tämä on Linux palvelimet 3 -kurssin arvioitava laboratorioharjoitus, 50% arvosanasta. Opiskelijalla on käytössään Linux live-USB, julkinen internet ja tyhjä tietokone ilman käyttöjärjestelmää.

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