Interactive Map on Your Web Page – with Markers – Leaflet.js and OpenStreetMap

Create an interactive map on your web page. Using Leaflet.js, it can be a static web page on any server. With tiles, you can start using it without any API keys and without registration. Includes live example.

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Your JavaScript in Thunderbird – Manipulate Shown Email Contents with Developer Console

You can run Javascript interactively in Thunderbird. It containts a developer toolbox, similar to Firefox F12 console. In this short example, we change some text on the message being viewed. With Firefox, I have used similar content manipulation to fix … Continue reading

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Database Connection from Python Flask to Postgre, Using Plain SQL

Create a website with database. Use the simple popular Python framework, Flask. Apply your existing SQL skills. This short program creates a new PostgreSQL database and inserts some records. If database and sample records already exist, initialization is skipped. Finally, … Continue reading

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First Steps on a New Virtual Private Server – an Example on DigitalOcean and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

These short notes list example first steps when manually configuring a new virtual private server on DigitalOcean and configuring a DNS name on NameCheap. Always use good passwords. Only good passwords. Good passwords every moment.

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Teaching Puppet Configuration Management in The National Library of Finland

I’m very happy to get a change to talk about Puppet in the National Library of Finland. Working with experienced professionals makes an interesting day. I have used their Finto ontology to create one of the largest free Finnish-English dictonaries … Continue reading

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From Empty Computer to Guest OS in 5 min – Install Vagrant and VirtualBox on Ubuntu 16.04.3 Live USB

With VirtualBox, you can run guest operating systems – Linux, Windows, OSX – under Linux. Vagrant makes it easy to create a new headless guest system and connect to it with SSH. It’s very fast: less than five minutes to … Continue reading

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Raspberry Mirror Shows Weather and News

Walk in front of a mirror, and it shows you the weather. Kuvastin is a Raspberry Pi based magic mirror with news feeds and weather. Half year course Monialaprojekti has just started, so I’m pretty happy to see students already … Continue reading

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Hello Flask Web App – Python 3 Flask Development Server Install on Ubuntu 16.04

You can create web apps with Python and Flask. This short “Hello World” tutorial shows you how to install development server for Python 3 and Flask. There are two very successful Python web frameworks. Flask is the simple one, Django … Continue reading

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