1000+ Papas Fishing, Finnish Design, Fan Gear for a Rock Band – DigiStartUp Finished

Innovate a new product, make it, sell it. And students delivered, in 16 short weeks.

Granpa Fishing (0.99 USD) cell phone app got 1400+ downloads, including free beta downloads.

Fan of rock band The Stoats? You can now show your colors with fan gear, the Stouts bag (10 EUR).

IidaJessicaDesign.fi offers handmade Finnish design, such as knit caps.

I created and teach DigiStartUp together with Teemu Ruohonen.


Bigger posters




Prices and availability mentioned as it was at the time of writing. All copyrights, trademarks and other immaterial rights are kept by their owners, mostly the students who created these things.

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