Remotely Unlock Screensaver on Xubuntu Linux – sudo loginctl unlock-sessions

To unlock a locked Xubuntu Linux workstation, you can use ‘sudo loginctl unlock-sessions’ and alt-ctrl-F7. This command works over SSH and over Salt, but obviously it requires root access to target computer.
With salt:

$ sudo salt teroscomputer 'loginctl unlock-sessions'

With SSH:

$ ssh tero@teroscomputer
$ sudo loginctl unlock-sessions

On the target computer, press alt-ctrl-F7 (alt-ctrl-F8…).
You are now on unlocked desktop. Well done. Always keep using good passwords.
Q: Is this a bug/vulnerability? No, by design you can do anything when you have root access.
Thanks to Fincer for the tip for this command.
Updated: fixed styling.

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