ViolentMonkey for User Scripts – Your Own JavaScript or CSS on Any Website

ViolentMonkey Firefox Addon allows you to run your own JavaScript and use your own styles on any website. It’s Free software (MIT license) and source code is available.
My fix for Moodle sorrow borders works with ViolentMonkey. It seems that my old GreaseMonkey scripts don’t work on GreaseMonkey, but they do work on ViolentMonkey.

I have previously used GreaseMonkey to fix some websites, but it GreaseMonkey is quite broken after Firefox Quantum WebExtensions update. For example, “Script error: ReferenceError: GM_addStyle is not defined” means it can’t change styles on web page.
GreaseMonkey blog recommends ViolentMonkey or TamperMonkey to keep your old GreaseMonkey scripts working. TamperMonkey does not seem to be open source, so it’s not an interesting choice.
To use my fix for Moodle sorrow borders, ViolentMonkey menu: Open Dashboard, Plus (“+”), New. Then copy-paste fix source code over the script. Change Moodle address to your organization. Enjoy full width Moodle even if some poor theme design has created sorrow borders by default.

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