Fix Lost or Empty Menu on Okular, Thunderbird and Krita – sudo apt-get purge indicator-appmenu

Lost your menubar? Using Xubuntu / XFCE Desktop? Global menu applet might disable the menu inside the app, but not show it at the top of your screen either.

Fix: Just remove ‘indicator-appmenu’ package, log out and in.

First try that you can’t get your menubar back with ctrl-M (Okular) or toolbar context menu (Thunderbird).

Additional symptoms include reappearing “MenuBar=Disabled” in .kde/share/config/okularrc and other settings files.

$ sudo apt-get purge indicator-appmenu

Then log out and back in for settings to take effect.

Start run dialog with F2, “okular”. If menubar is still hidden, press ctrl-M to show it. Now you should see menubar on top of Okular.

I have tested this fix on Xubuntu 18.04 LTS, the xfce4 desktop for Ubuntu. Update: added note about XFCE.

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