Conftero 0.18 Beta

Configuration management system implementing the Hidden Master architecture and Python based configuration. Single binary, no dependencies.

Hidden Master architecture protects against whole categories of attacks, including the type of latest critical Salt vulnerabilities.

Install Webgoat 8 - Learn Web Pentesting

Learning to hack

WebGoat is a beginner friendly practice target for web penetration testing.

In this article, I'll install WebGoat 8 on Kali and Ubuntu using Java.

Cincan Digital Forensics - Install on Ubuntu

CinCan is a digital forensics toolkit.

In these short notes, I will install a development version of CinCan.

Digital Forensics with Kimmo

Your box got owned - but how?

Kimmo Linnavuo will teach CinCan digital forensics in my penetration testing course on w17 Tue. Kimmo works works as an information security specialist at Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. He has taught CinCan in HelSec, FIRST and Disobey.

Social Engineering with Riku

Riku Juurikko, the social engineer

Lies, all lies. As seen in Disobey, and tested in the field.

Riku Juurikko teaches social engineering in my penetration testing course on w16 Tue. Riku works as a senior security manager in Elisa. He also leads Elisa Cyber Community.

Findata Sells Your Medical Data

If you are from Finland, Findata is selling your medical data. They are doing this without your consent.

You can oppose selling your data by sending a message to THL Registry.

Configuration Managment Systems - Palvelinten Hallinta - Spring 2020

Tux the Linux penguin

Just write what you want (idempotency). Control almost everything with one system (single source of truth). In plain text (infrastructure as code, versionable).

Control 10 computers. Or 100. Or 1000. Or control 2071 computers, like Jussi did on a previous course. Or handle 7 different operating systems and OS versions with a single master, like Matias. Course is in Finnish.

Remote Learning Tools for Tero's Courses

All my courses are online for spring 2020.

I'll use Jitsi video conferencing, VirtualBox and Xubuntu Linux 18.04. In addition to Internet connection, you'll need headphones, a mic and a webcam. Some 30-40 GB of free disk space would be nice, too.

ICT Security Basics - from Trust to Blockchain - ict4hm003 3001 2020 Spring

Learn security fundamentals to understand current trends.

Blockchains, TOR network and video conference encryption all stand on these fundamentals.

Log Anomaly Detection With Artificial Intelligence

 Can artificial intelligence pick suspicious log entries? My students Tuomo Kuure and Joni Hakala are training a model for that.

They use ELK to collect logs from multiple computers to an ElasticSearch NoSQL database. These log entries are then analysed with their own model using Python Tensorflow in a Docker container with GPU support.

Flask Automatic Forms

Automatically create your database and HTML forms from your model. Short, convenient, but a bit abstract. Short notes.

Deploy Python Flask to Production

Apache Foundation Feather Logo

If a tree falls in a forest and there are no clients, does it make a sound?

Deploy your web app production style. We'll use Apache2 mod_wsgi to install Flask "Hello world" app.

Flask Templates

Templates make it easy to write valid HTML. Flask supports my favourite template engine, Jinja2.

Hello Flask - Write a Python Web App

Python Flask 'Hello world' in Firefox Many popular websites use Python somewhere in their stack: Youtube, Facebook, Google and Dropbox. Flask web framework is used by Pinterest and LinkedIn.

With this article, you learn to install Python Flask and run a "Hello world" in development environment.

Go Programming Course 2020 w22

Gopher the Go Mascot
package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
	fmt.Println("Learn Go in one week - w22. ")
	fmt.Println("Registration opens on w12 Monday. ")

Your Own Project on Computer Infrastructure - Monialaprojekti Infra - pro4tn004-3005 Kevät 2020

Create your own ICT-infrastructure project. Completed projects included Lokarit, analysing logs with artificial intelligence. In Finnish.

Course is completed. Feedback was very good, 4.4 out five. More feedback in comments.

Line Plot with JavaScript - Plotly.js

Graph line plots with plotly.js. Plotly is Free software under the MIT license.

Plotly works even if you miss a couple of data points. For example, if you have temperature for all days but Tuesday.

Command Line Basics Revisited

The command line used in Linux and BSD has survived the test of time. It existed before Google, Web, Linux, Windows and even before the Internet. It's also convenient, fast, expressive and easy to automate. I use it every day.

$ pwd

Linux Server Course - Linux palvelimet ict4tn021-3010 Aikataulu

Tux the Linux penguin

English: Learn to manage your own Linux server – in 8 weeks.

Beginners welcome. Student feedback excellent 4.7 out of 5. Course is in Finnish.

Penetration Testing Course 2020 Spring - Tunkeutumistestaus ict4tn027-3003

Learn to hack computers to protect your own. In the course, you will break into target computers. Excellent 4.9 out of 5 feedback.

Course is in late spring 2020. Teaching is in Finnish. Enroll now in Peppi: Tunkeutumistestaus ict4tn027-3003.