Radio Signals on Map

Where did I hear that signal? What's radio environment like in our Pasila office?

Icarus will scan radio environment using SDR (software defined radio) and display results on map. The end result is a mobile mapping device using RTL-SDR and WiFi on Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi. Icarus can be controlled remotely with a cell phone.

My students Tommi, Nikita, Elmo and Aki just started project Icarus. Project ends in May 2021.

Haaga-Helia Pandoc Template - Write your Thesis in MarkDown

Front page of thesis in Haaga-Helia style, converted from MarkDown.

Write your thesis in MarkDown, a plain text format.

Use Pandoc and template to convert MarkDown to official Haaga-Helia format. My student Mika Rautio created Haaga-Helia Pandoc template.


Calendar.txt syntax.

Keep your calendar in a plain text file.

Calendar.txt is versionable, supports all operating systems and easily syncs with Android mobile phone.

Jump Plugin for Micro

Jump to any function, class or heading with F4. Go, JavaScript, Python, C... A plugin for micro editor.

And if you're writing books, Jump plugin creates a table of contents from MarkDown, and allows you to jump to headings.

Show Go Function Definition in Micro Editor

Show Go function definitions in Micro Editor. Definitions are only shown when you press F3, so they don't constantly pop on your face.

Backend uses Language Server Protocol (LSP), the same used by Sublime, neovim and VSCode.

Translate Offline with AI

Traslate Spanish to English with Free Offline Translator LibreTranslate.

Now you can machine translate text fully offline, with no external services.

And yes, this includes the pre-trained machine learning models, works completely offline and is even Free software. So it's an nice and private alternative to Google Translate. Works with Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and of course English.

Penetration Testing Course 2021 Spring

Learn to hack computers to protect your own. In the course, you will break into target computers.

Excellent feedback, last 4.9 out of 5; best 5.0 out of 5.

Update: two guests are coming: Riku Juurikko (Social engineering) and Mika Rautio (Credit card from hell).

jQuery is Not Needed for Browser Compatibility in 2021

You can now write scripts in plain JavaScript. Jquery is mostly not needed for compatiblity.

In 2021, Microsoft desktop and server Windowses only support Internet Explorer 11 or later (Edge). This removes the need for most compatibility hacks. Firefox and Chrome have followed JavaScript standards mostly from the start.

$("h1").text("Goodbye jQuery, my favourite JS library!")

document.querySelector("h1").innerHTML = "Hello, vanilla JavaScript!"

Install Debian on Virtualbox

Install Debian Linux on VirtualBox. You can play with Linux even on Windows, before you completely move to Linux.

This is a beginner friendly tutorial, with quazillion screenshots.

Pure CSS Photo Gallery

Pure CSS Photo Gallery Demo

A simple photo gallery for web. Click a thumbnail, see a big picture. Click again to see the thumbnails.

With live demo.

This is done with just CSS, no JavaScript and no external libraries. In fact, the whole HTML+CSS is less than 60 lines.