Python RegEx One-Liner in a Pipe – Remove Hard Line Wrapping – No Perl

Just put Python in your pipe and let Perl rest in peace. Python can be used as a one-liner in a pipe. Replacing text with a regular expression used to be the last holdout of perl, but now you can … Continue reading

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Interactive Map on Your Web Page – with Markers – Leaflet.js and OpenStreetMap

Create an interactive map on your web page. Using Leaflet.js, it can be a static web page on any server. With tiles, you can start using it without any API keys and without registration. Includes live example.

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Your JavaScript in Thunderbird – Manipulate Shown Email Contents with Developer Console

You can run Javascript interactively in Thunderbird. It containts a developer toolbox, similar to Firefox F12 console. In this short example, we change some text on the message being viewed. With Firefox, I have used similar content manipulation to fix … Continue reading

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Database Connection from Python Flask to Postgre, Using Plain SQL

Create a website with database. Use the simple popular Python framework, Flask. Apply your existing SQL skills. This short program creates a new PostgreSQL database and inserts some records. If database and sample records already exist, initialization is skipped. Finally, … Continue reading

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First Steps on a New Virtual Private Server – an Example on DigitalOcean and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

These short notes list example first steps when manually configuring a new virtual private server on DigitalOcean and configuring a DNS name on NameCheap. Always use good passwords. Only good passwords. Good passwords every moment.

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Teaching Puppet Configuration Management in The National Library of Finland

I’m very happy to get a change to talk about Puppet in the National Library of Finland. Working with experienced professionals makes an interesting day. I have used their Finto ontology to create one of the largest free Finnish-English dictonaries … Continue reading

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From Empty Computer to Guest OS in 5 min – Install Vagrant and VirtualBox on Ubuntu 16.04.3 Live USB

With VirtualBox, you can run guest operating systems – Linux, Windows, OSX – under Linux. Vagrant makes it easy to create a new headless guest system and connect to it with SSH. It’s very fast: less than five minutes to … Continue reading

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Raspberry Mirror Shows Weather and News

Walk in front of a mirror, and it shows you the weather. Kuvastin is a Raspberry Pi based magic mirror with news feeds and weather. Half year course Monialaprojekti has just started, so I’m pretty happy to see students already … Continue reading

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Hello Flask Web App – Python 3 Flask Development Server Install on Ubuntu 16.04

You can create web apps with Python and Flask. This short “Hello World” tutorial shows you how to install development server for Python 3 and Flask. There are two very successful Python web frameworks. Flask is the simple one, Django … Continue reading

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Aikataulu – Monialaprojekti Infra pro4tn001-3 – syksy 2017 – 10 op

English: Complete a project with a company as a client. Work with students from different tracks and backgrounds. Course in Finnish. Tee projekti yritysasiakkaalle ryhmässä, jossa on opiskelijoita eri aloilta.

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Aikataulu DigiStartUp digt4tn024-2 syksy 2017

English: Create your own digital product and find paying customers. Real customers, actual money. Course is in Finnish. Luo digitaalinen tuote ja hanki sille maksavia asiakkaita. Siis oikeita asiakkaita, joilta saa oikeaa rahaa.

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Aikataulu – Linux palvelimet ict4tn021 4-ti ja 5-to – alkusyksy 2017 – 5 op

English: Learn to manage your own Linux server – in 8 weeks. Beginners welcome. Course is in Finnish. Both groups have completed their final lab tests. Congratulations to those who finished this demanding course. Final lab test for group 4-Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Self Balancing Robot, an Apple or a Banana? Prototype Workshop Demo Day

From self balancing robots to sun seeking solar panels, prototype workshop had it all. Feedback was excellent 4.8 out of 5. Thanks! Also check the free text feedback.

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Presenting in Doctoral Colloquium, University of Westminster, London

Annual Doctoral Colloquium was arranged in Marylebone Campus, Westminster University, London. Thanks to organizers and presenters for an interesting day.

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Kill Stalled Command After One Second – timeout 1 cat

To automatically kill stalled command after one second, put ‘timeout 1′ before the command. $  timeout 1 cat

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Photos from IEEE ICIM2017 China

ICIM2017 is now behind. It was an interesting week. On my invited speech, I talked about the method for rapid prototyping, the same method used in my books and some of my workshops. BotBook method was developed with Kimmo … Continue reading

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Hello Go world – Install and Run Go in Less Than a Minute on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Go is a new programming language. It’s similar to C++, but aims to be simpler, safer and tries to support parallel operations better. Installing Go and running “Hello world” takes less than a minute. This short tutorial shows you how … Continue reading

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Speaking in ICIM2017, an IEEE conference in China

I’m participating ICIM2017 as invited speaker and session chair. I’ll also present a paper I co-authored with Shuliang Li. If you’re participating, you can catch my speech on Saturday at 11:30.

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Aalto 2 has left Earth atmosphere

Aalto 2 satellite left Earth atmosphere today. It is Finland’s first own satellite. Aalto 2 navigation subsystem uses the same code for the sun sensor as Aalto 1. We created a prototype for the sun sensor using of the shelf … Continue reading

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Vagrant Revisited – Install & Boot New Virtual Machine in 31 seconds

Vagrant installs a new virtual machine automatically. In half a minute, you control the machine with ssh.

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Aikataulu – Palvelinten hallinta ict4tn022-2 – 5 op, uusi OPS – loppukevät 2017 p2

Hallitse palvelimiasi Pupetilla. Pupettia käyttävät esimerkiksi Google, Mozilla ja Wikipedia. Sillä on toteutettu myös US Government Security Baseline hallinnon Linux ja Windows -tietokoneisiin.

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Aikataulu – Linuxin keskitetty hallinta – ict4tn011-11 – loppukevät 2017 p2

Hallitse palvelimiasi ja työasemiasi Pupetilla. Kuvaile tavoitetila, ja anna Pupetin tehdä tarvittavat säädöt ja asetukset. Pupettia käyttävät mm. Google, Mozilla ja Wikipedia. USA:n valtio suojaa Windows- ja Linux-työasemansa Pupetilla (US Government Security Baseline).

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Internet of Things presentations today

Students of the Internet of Things workshop and their prototypes: Internet of window blinds, GSR lie detector, amusement park queue estimator (2), remote visitor counter, weather lamp, take your pills, cool down gamer, two way door monitor, tomato watchman, body … Continue reading

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Send Email with HTTP API – curl, ctrl-X E and Sendgrid API

Use interactive console and HTTP requests to access APIs. Here is an example of automatic mail sending with SendGrid and curl.

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Create Internet of Things for 8 EUR – ESP8266-12E and Arduino

Would you like to create devices that sense the environment, connect to the Internet and talk to the other side of the world? For just 8 EUR, you can get a WLAN enabled, Arduino compatible development board. Sometimes the price … Continue reading

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