Django on Apache – with Python 3 and Apache mod_wsgi on Ubuntu 16.04

Install Python 3 Django on Apache, similar to production installations. These terse notes show how to install Python Django, configure it to use templates and access PostgreSQL database. Finally, we create a simple app to read records from database and … Continue reading

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Write Python 3 Web Apps with Apache2 mod_wsgi – Install Ubuntu 16.04 xenial – Every Tiny Part Tested Separately

Python is a popular language for web applications, used by Youtube, DropBox, Facebook, Pintrest, Reddit, Instagram, Spotify, Washington Post and many others. Apache is the most popular web server in the world. Mod_wsgi is the recommended way to use Python … Continue reading

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Hello WSGI – Python mod_wsgi on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS & Apache2

Run Python on your web server. In this article, we start with xUbuntu 12.04 LTS live CD and install the whole stack from scratch. Mod_wsgi is the recommended way to install Django and many other web frameworks.

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