Install OpenAI Universe on Ubuntu 16.04

OpenAI: Write Python program that plays any game. Optionally, use machine learning so that computer learns the game by itself. OpenAI “hello world” is just ten lines. But installing the environment is difficult. This article shows you how to install … Continue reading

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Git trick: Colored Web Page with Changes Highlighted

With git, you can create a web page with changed words highlighted. Red==removed, green==added. When you have found a colleague, friend or a supervisor who can provide useful feedback, great! When you make the changes and ask for more feedback, … Continue reading

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Resolve Merge Conflict with ‘git mergetool’ and meld

If you work with your friends on the same git repository, you might edit the same file. If you edit the bottom and your friend edits the top, git merges the changes automatically. If two users edit the same line, … Continue reading

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Publish Your Project with GitHub

Git is the most popular version control system. With Git, you can easily work as a team with your friends, have automatic backups on multiple machines and learn a tool you can use at work. GitHub is a proprietary, free-as-in-beer … Continue reading

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Aikataulu – Linuxin keskitetty hallinta – ict4tn011-10 – loppusyksy 2016

Hallitse palvelimiasi ja työasemiasi Pupetilla. Kuvaile tavoitetila, ja anna Pupetin tehdä tarvittavat säädöt ja asetukset. Pupettia käyttävät mm. Google, Mozilla ja Wikipedia. USA:n valtio suojaa Windows- ja Linux-työasemansa Pupetilla (US Government Security Baseline).

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Git from Offline to Network

Syncrhonize Git project over network, even if you started it locally. Git is the version control system designed by Linus and used by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Rails and of course Linux. You can do it too. You can start tracking … Continue reading

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