Shorter Salt Ouput with –state-output terse

To get shorter output when configuring slaves with salt, use $┬ásudo salt ‘*’ state.highstate –state-output terse If you’re just getting started, you should install salt first. To get even cleaner output, you can get rid of useless warning.

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Simpler Puppet Manifests – Resource Defaults and Manifest Ordering

Tips to make your Puppet manifests shorter and easier to read. Resource defaults: If I say ‘package’, of course I want it installed. Services are usually running and enabled at boot. Manifest ordering: Top-down, so I don’t have to ‘require’ … Continue reading

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Change MySQL Password on Ubuntu – dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1

Update: Fix forgotten MariaDB password on Ubuntu 18.04 and newer. Update: This method does not work on Ubuntu 16.04, and I have not tested it with newer versions either. Forgot MySQL server root password? It’s trivial to change it in … Continue reading

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