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Teromail summarizing webmail

Teromail is a free summarizing webmail with smart search. It is not actively being developed nor tested enough for production use, but is usefull as

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Why Teromail?


Advanced users


Fig. Teromail 
in textmode browsers too.

Business people


Download and install

Download teromail-0.3.53.tar.bz2 (18 KB). Includes major bugfixes and minor feature enhancements. Bugfixes: sends quoted-printable, reply works everywhere, abstracts skips long quotes, XHTML validated, only cookies used for sessions, save hidden. Features: compose look&feel improved, got rid of all html-tables. Beta code. To get rid of funny warning messages, set DEBUG=0 in config.php. Teromail 0.3.53 was released on April 6 2003.

Requires: Apache web server, an imap server, php 4 and php_imap. If you are using apt with redhat, you can install these with
apt-get install httpd php php-imap; /etc/init.d/httpd restart; chkconfig imap on; chkconfig imaps on;

To install, simply download teromail to a directory displayed on web, such as /var/www/html or $HOME/public_html. Then uncompress the package tar -jxvf teromail*.tar.bz2. That's it, now you can use it by pointing your web browser to http://localhost/teromail-version/

Old and obsolete 0.3.38-alpha (16 KB) is still available in download/. This alpha version was buggy, but suitable for usability testing and user interface preview. Teromail 0.3.38-alpha was released Mar 15 2003.

Standars and technologies used in Teromail


php manual - sessions - regexp - perlre - strings


XHTML basic 1.0 - XHTML 1.0 - Modularization of XHTML (tag definitions) - HTML Compatibility Guidelines

CSS Level 2



imap (rfc2060) - php-imap

Message format

Internet Message Format rfc2822

Common Internet Message Headers rfc2076


Format of Internet Message Bodies (headers) rfc2045

Media Types rfc2046

Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text rfc2047 - utf8_decode(str) uft-8 to iso-8859-1 - imap_8bit(str) iso-8859-1 to quoted-printable

Conformance Criteria and Examples (and bibliography) rfc2049


Other free webmail clients

Squirrelmail is php based webmail. It is easy to install, and has many plugins. However, user interface uses frames. Codebase is more than 25 000 lines ('cd /usr/share/squirrelmail', 'find src/ functions/ config/ -iname \*.php |xargs wc -l' "27457 total").

Imp is a popular php based webmail. It seems to be the choice of many universities. On the negative side, installation is a pain. Imp-latest seems to be 1.3 MB without horde.

As there are many great free webmails, why write another one? User interface is my main concern here. I feel that existing programs just use html to implement a user interface that was designed for text mode (like pine or mutt) or for locally executed gui program (like kMail or Evolution). There is no reason why a webmail could not outperform a standalone program.

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