Data Security ICT4TF022-3008

Data security course, in English as you asked.

Enrollment opens Monday at 08:00.

Course name and code: Data Security ICT4TF022-3008
Timing 2022 period 3, early spring, w03-w11, not w08
Credits 5 cr
Classes Tuesdays 09:00 - 14:45, online, mandatory participation
Max students 30 - Enroll 2021-11-29 w48 Monday at 08:00.
Language English
Remote Yes, fully remote
Feedback My first instance of this course. My more advanced course "Penetration testing" has reached 5.0 out of 5.*
Services Moodle, Jitsi
First class 2022-01-18 w03 Tue 09:00, Tero emails video conference link

*Every student gave feedback, every feedback was 5.


All classes are online, Tue 09:00 - 14:45, early spring 2022.

The agenda for each class will update, but you can already write down the dates into your calendar.

Date Subject
2022-01-18 w03
2022-01-25 w04
2022-02-01 w05
2022-02-08 w06
2022-02-15 w07
2022-03-01 w09
2022-03-15 w11

There are no online classes on winter holiday w08, and no classes on w10.


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