Monday 08:00 - Enroll Tero's courses

Spring 2022 course enrollment opens Monday 08:00.

Secure your systems & learn crypto currencies!

Monday 08:00 - enroll Tero's courses

Hello hackers and future crypto millionaires,

Enroll my spring courses Monday 08:00. All remote, and a some in English:

Data Security ICT4TF022-3008 - My take on security, in English as you asked. New course for me! Early spring.

Trust to Blockchain ICT4HM103-3003 Bitcoins, blockchains and TOR might be cool, but they all stand on the same fundamentals. Master level. Feedback 4.1/5. Late spring.

Puhutko suomea? Do you speak Finnish? Then check out my other 3 courses, including ethical hacking.

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Set your alarms on Monday 08:00,

-- Tero