Find Academic Sources

To find academic sources quickly: Search Google Scholar (full text link is on the right, free of charge), check Journal JUFO level (level>0).

Once you find a good one, find related articles with Connected Papers.

Peer Reviewed Sources

  1. Find articles:

  1. Verify JUFO level > 0:

JUFO Julkaisufoorumi, if level>0, it's a known peer reviewed journal.

  1. Find related articles:

Connected Papers

And of course, check the journal and JUFO rating to your new article, too. JUFO is popular in Finland, but other countries and some areas use other services. If you have a thesis supervisor, she can probably point out those.

What's a Good Academic Source

A good source for your academic work is

  • Published
  • in a reputable
  • peer reviewed academic journal

Many nice things are not peer reviewed academic sources:

  • news paper articles - no
  • manuals for programs - no
  • white papers - no
  • adverticements - no
  • popular books - no

You can see examples of popular books, conference paper and peer reviewed articles on my books page. Depending on what you're writing (doctoral dissertation vs UAS thesis), you can have a mix of peer reviewed and non-academic sources.

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Obviously there is a lot more to good, peer reviewed academic sources than a 3 step program. Your university probably runs a course on this, there are a lot of books, and when you have the basics in place you can ask your supervisor.


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