Forensic Analyses with Andrej

Andrej Bondarenko, forensic expert

Get the bad guys, and help justice do its magic.

Andrej Bondarenko shows the basics of computer forensics in my Trust to Blockchain course on w18 Monday. Andjred works as the CEO of Difseco. He has extensive experience in digital forensics, and has been an expert witness in multiple court cases.

The event is open to Haaga-Helia students and staff. The presentation is in English. Limited number seats, email me from your Haaga-Helia address to reserve a place. Trust to Blockchain participants get a place automatically.

2021-05-03 w18 Monday from 17:40 to 20:30, using video conferencing.

Andrej has over 8 years of experience in electronic discovery and digital forensics investigations on all levels from SME clients to biggest enterprises and law enforcement agencies. He has over 2000 completed digital forensic acquisitions, and he has worked as an expert witness in court cases in Finland and abroad.