Internal Pentest vs External Penetration Test

Mika Rautio

Mika protects your payment card purchases.

At work, he has been buying external penetration testing. Now Mika is starting a team doing internal penetration testing for Poplatek (part of Nets). And tomorrow w47 Tue 2021-11-23, he will visit my ethical hacking course and tell us the lessons he has learned.

I have some extra places for those outside my course. The presentation is online and in Finnish.

What Mika will talk about?

Internal PenTest vs External Penetration Test

  • Penetration testing experiences from multiple projects
  • What should a pentest company (or a pentester) actually do?
  • Penetration testing process (stages or steps up to final report and fixes)
  • How penetrations testing is done? (Tools, techniques and procedures)
  • Tips to remember when working on a contract

Mika Rautio

Senior software architect Mika Rautio works in Poplatek (subsidiary of Nets). He is doing software development, security and compliance. Mika is securing your payment card purchases in Finland.

Earlier, Mika has presented on issues related payment card industry. His presentations have included technical Payment Card from Hell and more high level (think PCI DSS) Stealing your payment card data.


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