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Infrastructure Project pro4tf023-3007 & Monialaprojekti (infra) 2021 Spring

Create your own project with your team. Feedback 4.7 excellent.

Previous projects: evil USB keyboard, AI log analysis, physical access control, encrypted communications with free software... What will you build?

Current 2021 projects

Bookstore for digital books. Niko Heiskanen (github) runs the two person team. Beta is live, you can buy books if you register first:

Where to live - a data map. Jesse, Matias and Arponen.

APE Attack Practice Environments - easy to install practice targets for pentest. Toni Kerttula.

Attacking web browsers - client side attacks to take over browsers using hostile web pages.

Sovereign network - file sharing, communications and other small group IT needs on your own on-prem server.

Automatic window blinds

Smart hand sanitation solution

Check out previous projects: Projects from Evil USB to Radio Mapping

Courses ICT Infrastructure project pro4tf023-3007 (and Monialaprojekti (ICT-infrastruktuurit) pro4tn004-3008)
Timing 2021 periods 1 and 2, the whole autumn, w34-w50
Credits 10 cr
Language English
Remote Yes, fully remote
Feedback Excellent feedback 4.7 / 5 Five star experience
Services Moodle suomeksi, Moodle in English, Jitsi, Zoom
First class 2021-08-25 w34 Wed 13:30, Tero emails video conference link



This course is taught Finnish and English groups together (except for the very first overview class).

Date Agenda
2021-08-25 w34 Wed 13:30-14:45 Overview of the course (en)
2021-08-27 w34 Fri 9-13 Introductions, looking for groups and project ideas
2021-09-01 w35 Wed 12-15 Starting project plans, clarifying goals
2021-09-03 w35 Fri 9-13 (9-13 if needed)
2021-09-10 w36 Wed 12-14:45 Finalizing project plans
2021-09-10 w36 Fri 9-13 Presenting project plans
w37-w41 Implementing the project
w42 (intensive week)
w43-w47 Implementing the project
2021-12-10 w49 Fri 9-13 Final presentations

Book the bold events in your calendar. In those events, the whole class is together in a video conference (except for the very first time where English and Finnish overview class is separate).

Once you have a group and a guiding teacher, there will be guidance meetings in addition to these times.

The biggest use of your time will be - obviously - doing your project. You will be working on your computer, chatting and video conferencing with your group and fiddling with your systems.

This timetable is initial and more events will be anounced during the course. Required meetings with your guiding tearcher are not yet included in the timetable. Participations to group meetings and guidance meetings is mandatory.


Tero Karvinen & Harto Holmström


This page will keep updating.