Go LSP for Micro

Coding in Go, with Micro editor? See function signature (alt-k), definition (alt-d) and references (alt-r).

You can now install language server support in three commands

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get -y install gopls micro golang-go
$ micro --plugin install lsp

Cracking Passwords with Hashcat

Systems don't store original passwords, they store hashes. They look like this "f2477a144dff4f216ab81f2ac3e3207d". Hashing is a one way function, so you can't turn it back to password.

But you can make computer try every word in the dictionary, and tell if one matches. This article shows you how to do this with hashcat.

Invisible with Juho

Normally, Juho 'whois' Jauhiainen is out there to catch computer criminals. Now, he'll tell you, the pentester, how to be invisible.

Whois is the lead investigator at Accenture, a podcast start at Turvakäräjät and a co-founder of HelSec.

Visiting lecture in my penetration testing course 2022-04-04 w13 Monday 09:00 to 10:00.

Micro editor LSP support for Python and Go

Install Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for Micro editor

  • Show function signature (Alt-K)
  • Jump to function definition (Alt-D)
  • Find references (Alt-R) (new!)
  • Show tips for wrong types in the gutter
  • All without leaving your terminal, in Micro editor

ks - offline search MDN and other zip dictionaries

Can you code without the Internet?

What's an <article> and how do I upload a file? What if you could have a copy of Mozilla Developer Network at your fingertips, offline. You can keep your hands on the keyboard, it's TUI with interactive, real time fuzzy search.

Update: Install all dictionaries in one go. New dictionaries: Micro, commands, Arduino...

Deploy Django 4 - Production Install

It's easy to write web apps with Python Django. To publish your apps on the internet, you must use a real production web server. This tutorial shows you how.

We'll install Python Django 4 using the recommended Apache 2.4 and mod_wsgi. Django is a popular Python web programming framework used by Instagram, National Geographic and Discus.

Django 4 Instant Customer Database Tutorial

Build a customer database. Web interface. Multiple users can log in, and edit customer database.

Learn the basics of Django 4, the web framework used by Instagram, National Geographic and Discus.