Go LSP for Micro
Three Line Install for Language Server Protocol Plugin

Coding in Go, with Micro editor? See function signature (alt-k), definition (alt-d) and references (alt-r).

You can now install language server support in three commands

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get -y install gopls micro golang-go
$ micro --plugin install lsp

That solved it for Debian 11-Bullseye. Installation on non-Debian systems is similar, you'll just need 'gopls' in your path, then 'micro --plugin install lsp'.

Trying it out

Show function definition

Write Go Hello world

$ micro hello.go
package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
	fmt.Println("See you at TeroKarvinen.com")

Move cursor over Println. Press Alt-K. Function signature is shown at the bottom status bar.

Function signature looks something like this: "func fmt.Println(a ...interface{}) (n int, err error)Println formats using the default formats for its operands..."

Do you see the function signature? Well done, you've installed LSP support for Micro.

What Next


  • Alt-D (definition)
  • Alt-R (references).

Use my Micro Jump plugin to move between your own functions.

See also

Micro editor LSP support for Python and Go

Python LSP support is detailed in AndCake/micro-plugin-lsp/help/lsp.md

Official homepage for LSP plugin: AndCake/micro-plugin-lsp

LSP support is discussed in Micro issues Feature Request: Add support for Language Server Protocol servers #1138 and Auto completion #174.

Micro editor homepage


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