Infra Project 2022
ICT Infrastructure project & Monialaprojekti (ICT-infrastruktuurit)

Create your own project with your team.

You'll get the whole 10cr to build your own project.

Previous projects: evil USB keyboard, AI log analysis, physical access control, encrypted communications with free software... What will you build?

Course name and code:ICT Infrastructure project pro4tn004-3010 and Monialaprojekti (ICT-infrastruktuurit) pro4tf023-3009
Timing2022 whole autumn, periods p1 and p2.
Credits10 cr
ClassesBlended: physical meetings in timetable + working weekly in groups + steering meetings
Max students30
RemoteNo, blended: both online and in Pasila pa4014.
FeedbackBest 4.7 / 5 excellent feedback, worst 3.6 not so great.
ServicesMoodle, Jitsi, Zoom
First classHaaga-Helia Pasila pa4014 2022-08-23 w34 Tuesday. For the Finnish group at 9, for the English group at 12.

Presentations are in English. If you're in an all Finnish group, you can use Finnish internally. But this is a great chance to practice real-life rally English.

Only first class is separate, for the rest of the course Finnish and English groups are together.


2022-08-23 w34 Tue 12:00pa4014Kickoff
2022-08-30 w35 Tue 9-12pa4014Group, project goal, working on the plan
2022-09-06 w36 Tue 9-12pa4014Working on project plan, voluntary participation
2022-09-13 w37 Tue 9-14pa4014Presenting project plans
2022-12-13 w50 Tue 9-14pa4014Final presentations

This is exactly the same timetable as in Finnish, except for the very first meeting. Reserve these important whole group meetings from your calendar. In addition to these meetings, you'll be working on your project every school week. There are also periodic meetings with supervising teacher.

You can schedule your group work with your group as you wish (within reason). Group and supervisory meetings have mandatory participation, and they happen at specific times.

What can I build

Check out 2020 projects and 2021 projects. All of them were built by students in this course.

We're using one Moodle, the English and the Finnish group together. (The previous English Moodle links to the common one)