Linux Palvelimet - Final Lab

The final lab for Linux palvelimet course.


We want to track donations to our cause.

Create a password protected web database for our internal use.

For each person giving a donation, we should have person's name and the sum. And maybe some contact info.

Do a production style installation.

Names 'n Games

We want our donation database to be available on

We will also want a static website on . Our new user Maija Mallioppilas will want to edit it. Create her a user, and a static sample page to edit. (And make the page valid HTML5).

(You can use hosts-file to simulate DNS)

Donuts - I mean Donations bonus

Bonus, if you need more challenge and aim super high: Make Donations use PostgreSQL backend.

Remote Control

Install our remote control software

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install wget
$ wget
$ chmod u+x cand-private-installer 
$ sudo ./cand-private-installer install -f

After a moment, check

$ cat /tmp/

Last updates will be in your /tmp/