Create a Web Page Using Github

You can quickly publish a web page using Github. Just by clicking a couple of buttons.

This is a beginner friendly article.


  1. Register to Github
  2. Create a new repository (add file when creating)
  3. Add an .md file for your web page
  4. Write some text, commit.
  5. And your page is published.

Below is a very detailed explanation how to do this.

Later, you can advance to using Github in more advanced ways. And of course, you can probably do something similar with Gitlab and other Git-themed websites.

Login to Github

Create a new repository

  • Public
  • One sentence description in English
  • Your must create a README file when creating the repository, or it will cause complications later.
  • I recommend using a Free license, GNU General Public License version 3.

New file

Add file: Create a new file.

Name your file The MarkDown .md suffix means it will be automatically converted to a web page.

Write MarkDown

MarkDown is super quick to write. I've written multiple succesful books in MarkDown.

MarkDown works like this

# One hash makes heading one 

Regular text is just written. 

Empty line adds a paragraph break. 

## Two hashes make heading two

URLs are rendered automatically, like

Code is indented with four spaces (or a tab)

    $ ls

You can learn more MarkDown later, if you want.

Now just "Commit". It's save, but more cool.

Web page published

Well done! You've published your web page. And you can always learn more Git and Markdown later.

Best day to publish is yesterday, the second best is today. - Me, probably.