Infra Project 2023
ICT Infrastructure project & Monialaprojekti (ICT-infrastruktuurit)

Create your own project with your team.

You'll get the whole 10 cr to build your own project.

Previous projects: evil USB keyboard, AI log analysis, physical access control, encrypted communications with free software, machine vision... What will you build?


Course name and code:ICT Infrastructure project pro4tf023-3010 and Monialaprojekti (ICT-infrastruktuurit) pro4tn004-3011
Timing2023 whole autumn, periods p1 and p2.
Credits10 cr
ClassesBlended: physical meetings in timetable + working weekly in groups + steering meetings
Max students30
LanguageEnglish (rally English accepted for our meetings)
RemoteNo, blended: both online and in Pasila pa2004 and pa5001.
FeedbackBest 4.7 / 5 excellent feedback, worst 3.6 not so great.
ServicesMoodle, Jitsi, Zoom
TeachersTero Karvinen and Harto Holmström
First class2023-08-22 w34 Tue 09:00, in Haaga-Helia Pasila pa2004

Presentations are in English. If you're in an all Finnish group, you can use Finnish internally. But this is a great chance to practice real-life rally English.

Only first class is separate, for the rest of the course Finnish and English groups are together.

2023 projects

PhishSticks USB HID attack simulation

PhishSticks can simulate USB HID attacks for penetration testing. When USB device is connected, it drops the payload without any other user action. Sample payloads are keylogger, reverse shell and ransomware simulation. Windows 10 Defender with default settings is bypassed.

PhishSticks video is a good overview of the capabilities. PhishSticks was also presented on my ethical hacking course and in HelSec flash talks.

Remember to keep your pentesting work both legal and ethical. Never connect an unknown USB device to your computer. PhishSticks also provides more advanced mitigations you can implement in your enterprise network.

SmartDisc frishbee throw measurement

SmartDisc, a frisbee throw measurement prototype.

SmartDisc is an ESP32-WROOM microcontroller based device on the frisbee. It uses MPU-6050 3 access gyroscope and accelometer chip for tilt and acceleration measurements, and estimates speed based on acceleration. ESP32 built-in Bluetooth is used for connecting to cell phone. The interface is serial over USB. The work is a functional prototype. The device is not rugged or small yet, and speed estimates are not verified.

I had a change to throw the prototype and see my stats on a cell phone.

SmartQuery AI bot about Haaga-Helia courses

SmartQuery, an AI chatbot for Haaga-Helia courses. Part of Haaga-Helia study guide was crawled and stored to a vector database. An open weight model Llama 2 uses the vector database to answer users questions. This is called retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). User can access a web app to chat with the bot. (A demo was available in December 2023).

Give Feedback, please

Thanks already! It's important for us (Tero & Harto) to get feedback from every single participant.

I will read it all (twice+) and make improvements. Please give your feedback to two channels: comment & mynet.

1) Free form feedback as a comment on this page

  1. Write your comment on this page.

You can write whatever you want. No need to repeat the questions, but they are here to get you started. Put some email into email field so that the form works, use if you don't want to put your own.

  • Did you learn something? Do you now know something you did not know before the course? (Models, frameworks, ideas, tools, project work?)
  • Did you do something for the first time? (Used some technique or a tool for the first time?)
  • Is this useful? Are these skills and this knowledge useful in companies or your work?
  • How did you like the presentations? Interesting subject? Did you like presenting? Commenting presentations?
  • How did you like Tero's or Harto's guidance and advice?
  • Feelings: did you enjoy the course? Did you like the atmosphere in the classes?
  • How could I improve the course? (I can make almost any change here, if it's important)
  • Would you recommend the course? Have you already recommended it? Who would benefit from the course (a colleague, a fellow student)?

2) Numeric feedback to Haaga-Helia feedback system (MyNet / Peppi)

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Numeric feedback is used, among other things, for comparing Haaga-Helia courses.

1-worst, 5-best

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  • Achieving the learning goals
  • The study methods supported learning
  • The study environment supported learning
  • Benefits to your career

Open, you can copy the same answer you gave earlier

  • What promoted your learning?
  • How would you develop the implementation / group of implementations further so that the learning goals could be achieved better?

Your overall assessment of the implementation, 1-worst, 5-best

How likely would you recommend the course to your fellow students? 1-worst, 10-best.

Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for our course!

Optional: Keep up with Linux & security, join Tero's list. (And get invitations to visitors on security)

See you in my future courses!


The course consists of

  • Individual project work every week
  • Team meetings every week (or more)
  • Guidance meeting (teacher+group)
  • Meetings with all groups, listed below
2023-08-22 w34 Tue 9-12Kick-off (introductions, outlining project topics and project plan). pa2004.
2023-08-29 w35 Tue 9-12Specification of the project topic, starting the project plan. pa2004.
2023-09-05 w36 Tue 9-12Working on the project plan and finalizing the project plan, voluntary participation. pa2004.
2023-09-12 w37 Tue 9-13:30Presentations of project plans. pa2004.
2023-12-12 w50 Tue 9-13:30Final presentations. pa5001.

Reserve these important whole group meetings from your calendar. In addition to these meetings, you'll be working on your project every school week.

You can schedule your group work with your group as you wish (within reason). Group and supervisory meetings have mandatory participation, and they happen at specific times.

What have they built

Like greek to me? Don't worry, since 2017 we have had projects of every level, from "dog ate my homework" to "teachers amazed". I have guided the projects with Harto Holmström, but the real work has been done by the students. You can see their names or nicks in the linked articles. On the final presentations they usually find that they could not have believed in the first day what they would succesfully build.


MuikkuRF - Analyze software radio with machine learning

WiFi probe request tracker

Notihub - Backend server notification system for IoT devices

Cryptocurrency mining dashboard


Bookstore for digital books (Tero's short article)

Where to live

APE Attack Practice Environments

Sovereign network - on-prem email and file sharing

Automatic window blinds

Smart hand sanitation solution

FOSS encrypted communication (Encryption Guide (pdf))

OpenStack private cloud

Private chat server on the cloud

Project Icaros - Raspberry Pi gadget to combined SDR and WiFi scanning information on a map

DigiNut - an evil keyboard hides another invisible keyboard that installs malware by typing commands (Videos: Keylogger + Duckhunt killer, Add Admin user, Tero's article.

Hostile remote control with Windows Defender avoidance (blog, Defender bypass (video))


AiLog - AI analysis of consolidated logs (GitHub, old blog, Youtube)

Physical access control

Network traffic analysis using Moloch (GitHub)

Raspberry Pi NAS

Security audit for client X

VPN gateway for Haaga-Helia labs

Heimdall - Facial recognition

PiCroft smart speaker - a Raspberry Pi client for


BillyStat – billiard stats with machine vision

RU@work – WiFi work time logging

DoorCam – email warning if all persons in cam are unknown

Fog – take multicast computer lab disk imaging to production

SpaceState – watch classroom usage with motion sensors


LoRa Tocsin project. (Tero's article LoRa Trough 8 Floors – Using 100 mA)

Centralized logging and analysis of security logs in a network

OpenCV face recognition

Fog OS provisioning with images

Private Docker Cloud

Lumivahti - How much snow (Github)

Open source ERP (buy the book)

VPN to lab

WiFi Penetration Testing (buy the book or download free ebook)


Nuotiovahti - Does the fire burn (Github). Part of Virtuaaliluonto project funded by Euroopan maaseudun kehittämisen maatalousrahasto.

VoiceVoice take my command

Kuvastin - Mirror mirror tell me who (Github, Tero's article Raspberry Mirror Shows Weather and News)

Arctic CCM configuration management with Salt, Puppet, Ansible, Chef