Making Zero Days
(and other hacker visits)

Otto has written some zero-days for cryptocurrencies. Joona authored a world-leading web fuzzer. Nikita can hack Active Directory.

And they all visited my penetration testing course, sharing their advice with me & my students.

 Joona "joohoi" Hoikkala (Visma, left) has created leading web fuzzer 'fuff'. My student Renne Jämsen has just chosen fuff as the first sticker on his hacking laptop.
Otto Ebeling (Critical Section) has developed multiple zero-day attacks against cryptocurrencies, and earned considerable bug bounties in the process. He shared his approach with us.
 Nikita Ponomarev (WithSecure, right) is advising my student Jenny Heljanko on attacking Windows Active Directory.

Next up: Social Engineering with Riku. Incident of/in the Cloud with Mika. Join the list to get invited.

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