Configuration management systems 2022

Tux the Linux penguin

Remotely control hundreds of machines, from cloud to laptop. Excellent 4.95/5 feedback, read student comments.

Linux course done, and now you want more? Your laptops keep moving around the network and go behind firewalls, but you still want to control them? You went to cloud, and have so many computers now?

Enroll Monday at 08:00

Trust to Blockchain 2022

Learn security fundamentals to understand current trends. Blockchains, TOR network and video conference encryption all stand on these fundamentals.

Enroll Monday 08:00. Online, in English, in evenings, masters level.

Penetration Testing Course 2022

Learn to hack computers to protect your own.

In the course, you will break into target computers. Excellent feedback from 4.8 to 5.0 out of 5.

Enrollment opens Monday 08:00

Update: New visitor: Social Engineering with Riku Juurikko, Senior Security Manager, Elisa.

Update: New visitor: Forensic Analyses with Andrej Bondarenko, CEO, Difseco.