Linux Palvelimet 2022

Tux the Linux penguin

Learn to manage your own Linux server – in 8 weeks. Remotely, in evenings.

Beginners welcome. Excellent feedback. 4.8 out of 5. Course is in Finnish, 100% remote and in evenings.

8 Week Linux Course

Tux the Linux penguin

Learn to manage your own Linux server – in 8 weeks.

Beginners welcome. Previous instance student feedback excellent 4.8 out of 5. Course is in Finnish and 100% remote. Fully booked, queue started.

Course completed! Feedback was excellent 4.8 out of 5. Read more feedback in comments.

Install Debian on Virtualbox - Updated 2023

Install Debian Linux on VirtualBox. You can play with Linux even on Windows, before you completely move to Linux.

This is a beginner friendly tutorial, with quazillion screenshots.

Flask Templates

Templates make it easy to write valid HTML. Flask supports my favourite template engine, Jinja2.

Hello Flask - Write a Python Web App

Python Flask 'Hello world' in Firefox Many popular websites use Python somewhere in their stack: Youtube, Facebook, Google and Dropbox. Flask web framework is used by Pinterest and LinkedIn.

With this article, you learn to install Python Flask and run a "Hello world" in development environment.

Command Line Basics Revisited

The command line used in Linux and BSD has survived the test of time. It existed before Google, Web, Linux, Windows and even before the Internet. It's also convenient, fast, expressive and easy to automate. I use it every day.

$ pwd