Python Dotted Dictionary

Access your Python dict with a dot

>>> sn.url

Using just built-in standard libraries

>>> sn = SimpleNamespace(**d)

ks - offline search MDN and other zip dictionaries

Can you code without the Internet?

What's an <article> and how do I upload a file? What if you could have a copy of Mozilla Developer Network at your fingertips, offline. You can keep your hands on the keyboard, it's TUI with interactive, real time fuzzy search.

Update: Install all dictionaries in one go. New dictionaries: Micro, commands, Arduino...

Docote - Read API Documentation Offline

Command line offline document reader for programmers, devdocs.io compatible - Docoto Read API docs offline. CLI, never leave the keyboard. Free download under GPL 3.

Supports DevDocs.io compatible JSON dictionaries, including Python, Go, HTML, Postgre and many others.