Extract HTML Files from HAR

Web browsing sessions can be saved as HAR files for debugging. "Save as HAR" is supported by Firefox, Chrome, OWASP ZAP and Burp.

This tool extracts HTML web pages from HAR file.

Docote - Read API Documentation Offline

Command line offline document reader for programmers, compatible - Docoto Read API docs offline. CLI, never leave the keyboard. Free download under GPL 3.

Supports compatible JSON dictionaries, including Python, Go, HTML, Postgre and many others.


Calendar.txt syntax.

Keep your calendar in a plain text file.

Calendar.txt is versionable, supports all operating systems and easily syncs with Android mobile phone.

Pure CSS Photo Gallery

Pure CSS Photo Gallery Demo

A simple photo gallery for web. Click a thumbnail, see a big picture. Click again to see the thumbnails.

With live demo.

This is done with just CSS, no JavaScript and no external libraries. In fact, the whole HTML+CSS is less than 60 lines.