Go LSP for Micro

Coding in Go, with Micro editor? See function signature (alt-k), definition (alt-d) and references (alt-r).

You can now install language server support in three commands

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get -y install gopls micro golang-go
$ micro --plugin install lsp

Micro editor LSP support for Python and Go

Install Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for Micro editor

  • Show function signature (Alt-K)
  • Jump to function definition (Alt-D)
  • Find references (Alt-R) (new!)
  • Show tips for wrong types in the gutter
  • All without leaving your terminal, in Micro editor

Micro-jump - Jump to Symbol

Press F4 to jump to a symbol, such as a function or a class. Supports Python, C, Go and 40 other languages.

Are you a writer or a researcher? Micro-jump also supports Markdown, F4 shows table of contents for a jump.

My micro-jump is now an official micro-editor plugin.

Jump Plugin for Micro

Jump to any function, class or heading with F4. Go, JavaScript, Python, C... A plugin for micro editor.

And if you're writing books, Jump plugin creates a table of contents from MarkDown, and allows you to jump to headings.