Social Engineering with Riku

Riku Juurikko, the social engineer

Enter guarded buildings with social engineering. Craft the email that owns the box. Connect hostile drop boxes to target networks. Bypass two factor authentication.

Luckily for us, Riku is one of the good guys. He has helped securing companies by testing their security, with their permission. Now Riku works as a senior security manager in Elisa.

Riku gave a visiting class on social engineering on my ethical hacking course. Just like last time, audince was in awe.

Want to legally and safely try hacking? Right now, Elisa and other companies offer a security

Jump Plugin for Micro

Jump to any function, class or heading with F4. Go, JavaScript, Python, C... A plugin for micro editor.

And if you're writing books, Jump plugin creates a table of contents from MarkDown, and allows you to jump to headings.

Flask Automatic Forms

Automatically create your database and HTML forms from your model. Short, convenient, but a bit abstract. Short notes.