HtmlPalaute 1.3

HtmlPalaute 1.3

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Uusi HtmlPalaute 1.3 tarjoaa tuen Vistalle ja tukun uusia ominaisuuksia.


2008-09-23 HtmlPalaute 1.3
- Vista support
	- Can be used with normal user priviledges in Vista (installing
	of course requires Administrator account). (Support for Ubuntu
	Linux and Windows XP kept from previous versions)
- Improved installer and uninstaller
- Improved reporting (in HTML output)
	- Limits for questions are shown in help
	- Question numbers are visible and identical to question forms
	- Question forms are images on HtmlPalaute homepage, linked
	  from HTML output. All three language versions.
	- Non-applicable averages are now shown as "n/a" instead of False
	- Interpretation is only shown when there are over 25% answers
	- There are no interpretations or background colors for items
	  with no limits (Improvement, Attendance)
- VagueLang(tm)
	- Verdi^H^H^H Interpretation now uses language so vague and soft
	  your feelings can't be hurt.
- Internal improvements
	- All new tests inside corresponding classes and funcions using doctest
	- Removed unnecessary printout from old unit tests
	- Some error messages were clarified
- More robust data handling
	- First row ignored also with new feedback.csv header
	- Better support for Excel CSV export
	- Automatic detection of CSV delimiter (comma or semicolon)
	- Unknown characters in teacher names are converted to underscore "_"
- Corrections to input parameters
	- Minor spelling mistake was fixed
	- Limits for 19-Useful were changed - courses can't be too useful
Copyright 2008 Tero Karvinen
All rights reserved.

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