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question.jpg This FAQ lets you peek into my inbox and see what they always ask.


What’s the Best Method to Contact You? (Email)

Email is the best method. In many cases it’s the fastest way too.

Do you reply to all email? (Yes)

I try to respond to all email promptly. If it has been more than three working days since you sent your mail, I’ve missed it. Sorry, please send it again.

I reply to all (non-spam, non-list) email. If you don’t get a reply after a couple of emails, your mail did not get trough. In that case, phone me.

My spam filter catches obvious junk. To get trough the filter, write decent looking mail:

  • Write plain text. Don’t use HTML email, don’t write a ten line message into a Word .doc attachment
  • Use correct case and punctuation. It does not matter if you don’t write perfect English or Finnish, but it’s a problem if an email does not have even a single period “.” in it.
  • Only send your message to one of my addressess at a time (not both @iki.fi and @example.com)
  • Don’t send me chain mail (like: “Send this to ten of your friends or you die a horrible death”)

Can I Send You Encrypted Email? (Yes)

Feel free to encrypt any email with my PGP public key.

You can encrypt any email, even if it does not contain top secret information. If you want an encrypted answer, please include your public key.

Who are you?

Have a look at a brief description of my work and background.


I want to give feedback about your course. What do you want to know?

Thanks allready! For courses, I’d like to know

  • Did you learn something?
  • Is it usefull to you?
  • How do you plan to use your skills after the course?
  • How could the course be improved?
  • How was the test?
  • Would you recommend this course to your friends or collegues?

and the course code or name. You can also tell me other things that pop into your mind. Your feedback is highly valuable to me.

Give your feedback at iki.fi/karvinen : Contact: Quick Feedback

Can I Fit into Your Course?

I hope so. Come to the first class.

The places are given in the first class. Among those who have done the prequisites and are present in the first class, the places are given in the order determined by Winha.

Where can I return my movable hard drive?

Movable drives are returned at the exam.

If you did not return the drive in the exam, you can return it to my consulting hour or to Juhani Ahlgren. Put your name and student number on a piece of paper on top of the drive.

Make sure that either

  • Drive is marked as returned on the receipt you signed when borrowing the drive


  • You get a receipt for returning the drive

Can You Teach a Course for My Company? (Yes)

Yes, I’ll be happy to teach you.

For a course in Finnish, read Linux tutustumispäivä yrityksille.

For your booking or more information, contact me.

When Do I Get My Grade?

I try to grade courses as soon as possible.

I’ve designed homeworks to maximize learning and make them as interesting as possible. This can often mean that reading and grading them all is a lot of work, and takes time. For Haaga-Helia courses, evaluations must be in Winha before it has been three weeks after the period has ended (Haaga-Helian Tutkintosääntö 2009, §6).

This Website www.iki.fi/karvinen

Do You Log Web Site Usage?

Yes, all usage is logged. Logging tools include cookies, javascript and web server logs. In addition to my logging, administrators of this web server use server wide logging.

How Can I Get High Rankings in Search Engines?

  • Validate your HTML, use http://validator.w3.org. If you write broken html, you sometimes get penalties in search engines.
  • Write structured html. Use h1 once to repeat title. Use headings h2, h3… correctly.
  • Cheating doesn’t work – don’t write misleading keywords or hidden text.
  • Never change URLs. If page moves, make a redirect page.
  • Have other websites link to your page

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One Response to tero_faq

  1. Arvi Manninen says:

    Työasemat ja tietoverkot -kurssin Linux-osuus oli todella opettavainen ja mielenkiintoinen. Osaan Linuxista ja varsinkin sen komentorivikäytöstä huikeasti enemmän kuin ennen kurssia. Lisäksi koin kurssilla tietynlaisen valaistumisen, en ole koskenut omalla koneellani Windowsiin juuri pakollisia ohjelmia enempää sen jälkeen kuin Linuxin käyttö alkoi sujua. Aionkin todennäköisesti jatkossa tuttavapiirini “Asenna mulle Windows ja softat” -pyyntöihin suositella Linuxia, mikäli tarvetta ei ole jollekin ainoastaan Windowsille löytyvälle sovellukselle.
    Teron opetusmetodit olivat erittäin toimivia ja tunnit olivat lähes poikkeuksetta todella mielenkiintoisia. Ainoina miinuksina voisin mainita aavistuksen turhat tiukat deadlinet harjoitustöiden (tai oikeastaan lähinnä harjoitustöihin liittyvien raporttien kanssa). Lisäksi tunneilla käytyjä komentoja ja prosesseja olisi voitu kirjata enemmän nettiin, harjoitustöiden kanssa aikaa meni ajoittain googletteluun ja pähkäilyyn kun tarkat komennot ja komentojen suoritusjärjestykset eivät muistuneet enää mieleen.
    Suosittelen kurssia lämpimästi kaikille joita Linuxin käytön opettelu kiinnostaa.