Disable touchpad when typing – syndaemon

Does your palm hit your touchpad when you type?
Syndaemon momentarily disables touchpad when typing, with many extra features.

$ syndaemon -i 1 -d -t -K

From ‘man syndaemon’:
-i How many seconds to wait  after  the  last  key  press  before enabling the touchpad.
-d Start as a daemon, ie in the background.
-t Only disable tapping and scrolling, not  mouse  movements,  in response to keyboard activity.
-k Ignore modifier keys when monitoring keyboard activity.
-K Like -k but also ignore Modifier+Key combos.

Autostart syndaemon on XFCE

To automatically start syndaemon when you log into XFCE, you can add it to automatically starting programs.
Settings Manager: Session and Startup: Application Autostart
If there already exists syndaemon with default settings, disable it by unchecking the box.
Name: syndaemon. Command: /usr/bin/syndaemon -i 1 -d -t -K

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