Two Books by My Students – Odoo ERP in Finland, Wi-Fi Penetration Testing

My students published two books: Wi-fi Penetration Testing for Beginners and Avoimen lähdekoodin ERP – Odoo Suomessa.

Wi-fi Penetration Testing for Beginners. Includes breaking WPA2 with WPS and capturing passwords from TLS (https) protected connection without HSTS. Check your local laws, use expert advice and test in a lab only.
Avoimen lähdekoodin ERP – Odoo Suomessa (translation: Open Source ERP – Odoo in Finland) Hardcover 24 USD, PDF free with registration. How Finnish companies move millions of euros using a free ERP.
I teached this course Monialaprojekti / infra with Harto Holmström. The feedback was 4.1 very good out of 5. The most common feedback was “very good”, 4 out of 5. Thank you for the feedback. Read more feedback, project links and comments.
Updated: improved text, added covers.

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