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HP EliteBook 2530p works with Ubuntu 9.10

HP EliteBook 2530p is (most likely) the new Haaga-Helia student laptop. It works out of the box with Ubuntu Linux 9.10 live CD. All important things work out of the box. The machine will need more testing with Linux before it’s distributed to Haaga-Helia students.

This article is based on very brief testing. I have not used or tested this laptop extensively. Some of the notes were written from memory, after the whole test.

© 2009 Tero Karvinen

Important Things Work


Device Status
DisplayOK, automatically
KeyboardOK, automatically
MousepadOK, automatically
JoystickOK, automatically
Special keysOK, automatically
WirelessOK, automatically
SoundOK, automatically
Suspend-to-RAMOK, automatically; Fails extended test

Some Components Not Tested Yet

HP L2245wg External Display with DVI-DUntested
Video Projector with VGAUntested
Wired Ethernet networkUntested
External USB mouseUntested 
External USB keyboardUntested 
Audio 3,5 mmUntested
Microphone, builtinUntested
Microphone, external 3,5 mmUntested
Camera, builtinUntested

There may be other untested parts too. In general, stability in longer use (eg. 14 days) without reboot is not tested.

Does EliteBook 2530p have these:

Port replicator

Live CD and Web Browsing

I booted the machine from Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 Destktop Live CD. From boot loader menu I chose English, Try without any change. Ubuntu logged me in automatically. Display resolution looked correct. A sound was played. I found a wireless network from menu in panel and logged in with a 128-bit WEP passphrase. I opened a web browser, googled “Tero Karvinen” and opened a page. Thus, keyboard, mouse, display and wireless network work.

I set the Finnish keyboard with Applications: Accessories: Terminal

$ setxkbmap fi

Suspend to RAM

From panel menu on top right I chose suspend. The fan went silent and display went dark, so I assumed machine went to ACPI S2/S3 suspend to RAM. I waited a while and pressed a key on a keyboard, which did not resume suspend. I briefly clicked power button, and machine resumed. I browsed the web for a while, and noticed that machine still works after suspend.

I also played some media from “Examples” on the desktop. Speex sound and some video played correctly.

I ran Ubuntu automatic suspend test

$ sudo bash /usr/share/checkbox/scripts/suspend_test --full

but it could not automatically wake up EliteBook, so it could not run unattended. However, it did not show any errors and it did leave the machine stable after partial test.

First Impressions

HP EliteBook 2530p looks nice, and even better than the previous Haaga-Helia student laptop Travelmate 6293. Especially EliteBook has much better keyboard.

EliteBook looks and feels cool. It has a beautiful metal frame. I like the mini flashlight above display. Joystick is a nice addition, it’s just like the one on Thinkpad. But it has mousepad too.

Specs are nice, including a dual core processor and 4 GB of 800 MHz RAM. Display has good contrast.

EliteBook comes with unnecessary Microsoft tax, as it has Windows Vista Basic license bundled.

It will be interesting to see if EliteBook can live up to the expectations that this first impression created.

Technical Details with Machinotero

I collected technical details with Machinotero. This is the same live CD on same session where display, mouse, keyboard and wireless network work.

Final system given to Haaga-Helia students will probably have a bigger hard drive.

Read all the details, including log excerpts from a working system: Full Machinotero report hp-elitebook-2530p-ubuntu-9-10-amd64-2009w49.txt

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