Aikataulu – Monialaprojekti Infra pro4tn004-3001 – syksy 2018 – 10 op

English: Complete a project with a company as a client. Work with students from different tracks and backgrounds. Course in Finnish.

Starting projects: Collect and visualize logs with ERK. File server for film company. Identity Management. Video surveilance and system provisioning. Finnish Text to Speech. Fishing. All Free software.

Previous course feedback was very good, 4.1 out of 5. And students even published two books!

Tero’s groups in the photo. Network area storage for media company: Jari and Tatu. Log consolidation and analysis: Jussi, Eino, Saku. Me, Tero the teacher. Open source identity management: Markus, Jan, Eetu. IDS & antivirus bypass: Tommi and Aleksi.

This page keeps updating during the course. Teaching together with Harto Holmström.

Previous Projects

2017 Autumn: Does the fire burn, VoiceVoice take my command, Mirror mirror tell me who, Arctic CCM configuration management with Salt, Puppet, Ansible, Chef.

2018 Spring: Fog OS provisioning with images, private Docker Cloud, how much snow, Open source ERP (buy the book), VPN to lab, WiFi Penetration Testing (buy the book or download free ebook).

Previous course Monialaprojekti Infra pro4tn001-5 – kevät 2018 – 10 op.

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12 Responses to Aikataulu – Monialaprojekti Infra pro4tn004-3001 – syksy 2018 – 10 op

  1. Mikko Hyvärinen says:

    We’re creating/updating a video surveillance system located in Servula classroom to monitor and store movement based activity for later purposes in case of theft or damage towards equipment. Our secondary project, if the time is on our side, includes looking into nearly finished Fog-project to find solution to bring it to production state. Fog is a computer management and cloning program which enables sharing programs within the same network.

    First projects site:

  2. Our project aims to create a fileserver to used by an amateur film company.
    The bases for this project is a user-friendly approach, since we cannot assume a mid or higher level of computing knowledge from the users.
    We plan on using secure connections (VPN server, SSH) for the client to get access to the server for their video editing purposes.
    For file secury we intend using ZFS for disc parity and file corruption prevention and automated file backup’s. We a trying to implement a working version control system for the image and video files, to increase client work productivity, hopefully something similar to Git.
    For scalability, the file server is to be installed on top of a hardware virtualization platform. For this, we are planning on using ProxMox.
    This is meant to be a completely opensource project.

  3. When you’re picking the right tools and platforms, explain your choices. What are the options, why this over that? Open Source ERP has some nice examples in their work. Start from the first posts and keep reading to see how they compare open source ERPs. Edited

  4. Our project is about open source IdM (Identity Management) solutions. Firstly we are comparing different IdM systems and choose the one which we are going to improve. The end goal is to create reasonable open source IdM solution to which we integrate other authentication systems, for example AD (Active Directory).

    Project blog:

  5. Ina Andersin says:

    Text-to-speech in Finnish.

    Our project focuses on researching existing opensource text-to-speech programs and compare them to each other and choosing one to improve. The end goal is to try and improve the quality and pronunciation of Finnish in an opensource text-to-speech program.

    Project blog:

    Personal blogs:

  6. We’re creating a centralized system to analyse log data from several clients within a network. The goal of our project is to create meaningful data that focuses on deviations from the usual background noise, and is readable also by people without deep technical knowledge of cyber security.

    You can follow our progress here.

  7. We have a project (yet to be approved) to promote security in Haaga-Helia by launching a phishing expedition. We hope to gain access to some user account, send an email to the user stating that one should be careful on what you click on. This will be hopefully executed by setting an external server equivalent to the haaga-helia site.

    • In addition to needing approval from your supervisor, you will need a get-out-of-jail-free card. This means a written agreement with target organization. It should define at least scope (the systems to be tested), time of testing and what is allowed.

      Additional demands include finding out who can give this permission. Signature from the wrong person might be worthless. You should also pay attention to the systems and persons that are affected. Email could easily cross borders of organizations and systems, thus risking operations to wrong persons, with wrong persons information or systems where you don’t have permission to operate.

      As with any penetration testing, your own operational security is important to protect any vulnerabilities or other information you find.

      These are some examples of the challenges for this kind of testing. You should discuss these issues with the teacher supervising your group.

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