Linux Basics tie63f3 early spring 2006

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Linux Basics tie63f3 early spring 2006

Linux Basics tie63f3 is lectured on Thursdays 12:15-15:45 in classrooms h2006 and h5007 (karte timetable). 3 credits (tie63f on study guide). Course lasts for the early spring of 2006, calendar weeks w3 – w11. The whole course is teached by Tero Karvinen.


Week Subject

w3 Installation, Licenses, Distributions

w4 Desktop Linux

w5 Command Prompt

w6 Package Management and Administration

w7 Apache Web Server

w8 (no class, winter holiday)

w9 OpenSSH Server and Client

w10 Programming Tools

w11 Exam 2006-03-16 12:15 (h5013)


Publish homework reports on your myy homepage on Where a12345 is your student number and 1 is the number of the excercise (week number – 34). Use normal html for publishing web pages. Each student does homework separatly and writes his own report. You can of course advice fellow students if they get stuck. Homeworks must be on the homepage one whole day before next class (latest Tuesday 23:59). Refer to my course: “Based on Linux Basics course by Tero Karvinen“. If you want, you can use a Free license (like the license of Linux) by adding text: “This document can be copied under the GNU General Public License”.

h-1: install Ubuntu Linux.

h-2: a) install, configure and test the desktop basics: web browser, word processor, printing. b) Create and publish a web page. c) List Windows (or Mac or whatever OS you use) programs you use and find free (Linux) alternatives to those. d) Try and comment some of the alternatives.

h-3: a) write a cheat-sheet of commands. Use examples that are meaningfull to you, don’t just list commands. b) Try all the commands learned, many times – learn them all by heart. For this (b) part, only document if something unexpected happens or if you want more information about some command.

h-4: a) Make up a usage case to show common administration tasks on the command line. b) write a reference card of important administration commands with examples

h-5: a) Install apache web server, allow user homepages, make a homepage as a user b) install and test mod-php c) write a php program that reads user inputs d) optional extra: install mysql-server and phpmyadmin e) optional extra, challenging: write a php program to access mysql database

h-6: Do the following securely a) remote command line interface connection b) transfer a directory to server (from command line) c) transfer a directory from server d) remote graphical user interface connection e) install ssh server f) create a new user and use it to log to your server g) optional extra: use public key authentication f) optional difficult: create a secure tunnel (-L)

h-7: a) Write a shell script b) Use a control structure (if, for…) in a shell script c) compile a program using configure and make d) compile “Hello world” in java e) optional difficult extra: install eclipse IDE and compile “Hello World” with that.

Good luck for preparing for the exam!


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