Memory Card Reader on Linux

Memory Card Reader on Linux

A cheap USB connected memory card reader works out-of-the-box in Ubuntu Linux.

Using a no-name USB-connected memory card reader on Linux. Using this procedure, I succesfully read and wrote data to memory card on Linux. All required software and drivers came with Ubuntu default installation, without any additional drivers. Reading and writing a memory card is very fast, 128 MB takes about a minute.

card-reader-22in1.jpgTested devices and programs:

  • Memory card: a tiny 128 MB TransFlash card (fingernail size, used on mobile phones)
  • Adapter: SanDisk SD TransFlash Adapter (bought with the memory)
  • Reader: “Card Reader Writer USB 2.0”, “22in1”, a no-name card reader sold in Clas Ohlson Helsinki for 22 EUR.
  • Linux: Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy

© 2006 Tero Karvinen

Connect TransFlash Card to Adapter

Remove tiny 128 MB TransFlash card from phone.

Put TransFlash card into the Secure Digital sized adapter.

write-proctection-transflash-adapter.jpgUnlock write-protection from adapter. Adapter has a small mechanical switch that says “Lock >”. Move the swith away from the “Lock >” marking.

Connect Adapter to Computer

Use the included USB wire to connect the adapter to computer. Orange light blinks briefly in the adapter, then green light keeps illuminated.

No other wires are needed. The device is automatically detected later when memory card is inserted. The driver disk is only for Windows, the reader works out of the box without any driver disks on Linux.

Copy Files

removable-volume-on-desktop.jpgPut the adapter (with the memory card in it) into the reader. Memory card is automatically mounted and shown on Ubuntu desktop: “120.1 MB Removable Volume”

Orange light is illuminated while the memory card is in the reader.

Copy files to and from the memory card by dragging files.


Before removing the memory card from the reader, it must me umounted (”unmounted”) from the system. Right click the memory card icon on desktop and choose “Unmount Volume”.

Despite umounting the memory card, the orange light is still lit. It does not seem to matter, the card can still be removed.

Remove the card from the reader.

Connect the card back to your phone, enjoy your new data.

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