Huawei e220 works on EEE PC

Huawei e220 works on EEE PC

Huawei e220 wireless 3G modem works on EEE PC when you set domain name servers manually. Huawei e220 is a 3G HDSPA modem, sold in Finland by DNA and Elisa mobile operators.

Quick Fix for DNA Mokkula

  • Insert SIM card to Mokkula
  • Connect Mokkula to Eee PC
  • Type “1234” when ASUS Mobile Manager pops up and asks for PIN
  • Click “Connect”
  • Alt-Ctrl-T for Terminal
  • Replace DNS settings:
$ sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

Delete all text in the file, write in these new settings:

# /etc/resolv.conf for DNA mokkula -

CTRL-X Y enter to save.

Browse the web, your connection should work now.

How I Made It Work the Fist Time

If the Quick Fix above fixed it for you, there is no need to do anything described below.

Notes written from memory.

  • On EEE PC running the pre-installed Xandros Linux
  • Plugged SIM card to Huawei e220
  • Connected e220 to USB port
  • ASUS mobile manager popped up automatically. A PIN password window popped up.
  • Typed in my password (default is 1234, can be changed by putting SIM into mobile phone). A green light was lit on e220. (Would be blue if I had 3G coverage)
  • Clicked connect in ASUS mobile manager. First status bar in ASUS mobile manager said “Dialing…” then “Connected”
  • Firefox web browser did not find any websites, such as It could not even find the name “Looking for”. However, surfing was possible using IP numbers, such as or or for Thus, computer had wrong name servers. I browsed to google using just IP number, then searched for DNS name servers of my mobile operator.
  • I corrected DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf with correct data. I ignored the comment on the file that said in caps not to edit the file. To get terminal on Xandros, press alt-ctrl-T.
$ sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf
# /etc/resolv.conf for DNA mokkula -

What Should Mobile Operator Improve?

Having briefly tried DNA mokkula 3G HDSPA connection, I am still waiting for some features:

  • Make the price really flat
    • Make the subscription prevent all that could cost
      • Roaming
      • SMS
      • Normal calls
  • Have official support for Ubuntu and EEE PC (Xandros)
  • Ficora (viestintävirasto): Disallow too long subscriptions (two years)

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